Pellet Stove Decision
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Afternoon watch, 5 bells (2:36 pm)

Regarding my previous post about a pellet stove, we found the one we are going to buy, you can see it on Lennox's site here. With installation, it'll end up costing a little over $3k


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  1. Kasey Dennler says:

    My folks have two pellet stoves, and they really like them both. One is an older model and one is a newer free standing model. I believe both are Whitfield stoves, the only problems that has occurred with either of them is the auto ignitor went out in the newer one they bought about 5-7 years ago. My dad, as far as I know has yet to find a replacement auto ignitor for it. The other stove is really old, no auto ignitor, but it has to be almost 20 years old by now and still works really well.

  2. Webmonster says:

    AutoRain, the sprinkler/stove store on Seltice way just West of NW Blvd. and Ironwood is a Whitfield (Lennox) dealer, if anyone can get a replacement part, they should be able to.

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