Slam on Music
Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:06 am)

Last weekend was very busy, but part of it was our annual company picnic. My boss asked to have some music playing in the background, over the PA system, but nobody had a decent CD to play. One of my cow-orkers offered to share his music collection from his hard drive, but when I looked at it there were so many different genres and bands (many of which I never have listened to) I didn't know what would be appropriate to play without offending someone. When I brought this up, he said "I have a bunch of country on there.." to which I responded "I know, that's exactly what I mean."

I was in rare form, I don't usually have something that funny come to me that quickly, but it was perfect.

Scurvy Jake: 1
Country Music: 0

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