TCP Traffic, Revisited
Afternoon watch, 6 bells (3:08 pm)

Well after much analysis (I love Ethereal, and by the way, somebody buy me one of these or these!), I'm pretty sure I've identified the problem, despite the fact that my DMZ is a switch, and not a hub. I've been scouring the office for a hub, but I don't have any lying about, I got rid of them because you can sniff packets easily on a hub—ironic, isn't it?

None of the traffic snapshots I took last night pointed to the culprit. By eliminating all the NICs that would indicate the source of the problem, I was only left with a couple more possibilities. And the best of those is the Google Mini. In fact, the more I think about it, the more likely I believe it to be the issue. I'll have things verified by tomorrow morning, for sure.

Decoding TCP is Fun
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Middle watch, 2 bells (1:05 am)

Well, I have lots of snapshots of network traffic from four different interfaces, and tomorrow I'll sift through and analyze the TCP traffic to find out what's going on. I swear, if it's somebody downloading music I'm gonna be qi de yao si.

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Late Night
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First watch, 8 bells (12:15 am)

I'm up late tonight investigating a network issue that seems to only happen around this time. I don't like late nights, but sometimes you just have to take 'em.

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