Art on the Green
Afternoon watch, 5 bells (2:47 pm)

Well this weekend is Art on the Green, I'm headed down there right now to meet my wife and see the sights and eat the good-smelling foods. Last year there were tons of places to eat, and most of it was really good. If you live in the area, stop by downtown and try something new!

PS: After walking the entire fair, both downtown Sherman, Cd'A Park, and NIC, I must say that the food is about all that's worth seeing. The whole thing is about half jewelery vendors, and the other half seems to me like it's a bunch of hippy crap. Nothing really stuck out to me as new, or even original. This year is definitely a disappointment. The kettle corn and funnel cakes are good, though.

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Forenoon watch, 7 bells (11:55 am)

Smoke swirls out; nebulous, robotic voice intones: Millions of years ago...

No, wait. It was just several years ago. Anyway, made three of the funniest commercials I'd ever seen on TV. Today, I have collected them for your enjoyment. Hooray for Google Video!

Tattoo the kids commercial

Gerbils from the cannon commercial

Marching band and wolves commercial


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Dessert Crepes
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Morning watch, 8 bells (8:05 am)

Last night I made crepes again, and they were quite good. The only thing I'd add to the recipe (and I will go back and modify this) is that after all the ingredients are mixed, throw it in a blender—it's much easier to get a good, homogenous mixture that way. You can also add more sugar if you like, you can't hardly taste it as written.

For dessert, I put had a marshmallow peanut butter nutella crepe. It was amazing, but very messy. Next time I'll have to put less of each on it.

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