Hairiest Woman EVER
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Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:14 am)

Yes, I said hairiest. And boy howdy do I mean it. My wife and I drove about an hour and a half away on Saturday to get an antique ships wheel for our decorations that my dad mentioned he saw in this shop. So we drove out there (there aren't a whole lot of wheels to be found around here) to get it. The antique store people were nice, and called the owner of the wheel to see if they'd let it go $50 cheaper. They said it may be a while before they hear back, so we left for lunch, came back, and the lady we talked to was gone. But the girl that was there knew about it, and said they would sell at our price. This girl had a scooped-neck shirt on and a tuft of black, wiry hair coming up out of her shirt that scared the bejeebers out of me. Her arms had more hair on them than mine do. My 4-day beard was fuller than hers, but hers was longer... She was really nice, though. I just couldn't look at her very long without being impolite.

There is such a thing as electrolysis, or even laser hair removal. I suspect it was some sort of hormone imbalance. They probably even have medication for that. But it was scary nonetheless.

Terms of Service Update
First dog watch, 2 bells (5:24 pm)

Today I had to update my terms of service due to an aggregate blog-running jackhole that decided to republish my content on his site along with revenue-generating advertisements. You hear that usmediaweb?? I'm talking about you!

It's sad that I have to do this, but nobody's going to make money off of what I do here as a free service, period. A copyright notice has also been added to the main page.

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Forenoon watch, 7 bells (11:56 am)

I implemented a slick new tool at work yesterday, called Unison—it syncs directories on local machines or between different computers, even different operating systems. I'm using Unison to sync output from Doxygen generated on a Windows system to a Linux-based Wiki on a nightly basis. It appears that content is hashed, because it doesn't just copy the same files, it keeps track of what's really changed but only syncs when you tell it to.

I did have some issues getting it working, especially with the ban pigu implementations of SSH for Windows. I ended up using Unison in socket mode (and resultantly had to write a shell script to start the server from the appropriate spot and add it to my startup scripts). The good news is that both machines are on the internal network, so there isn't a lot of risk. Not like there was much anyway, just synchronizing Doxygen output.

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DIY Cola
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Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:20 am)

Go read about how to make your own cola, it's an improved version of the old OpenCola recipe

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Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:19 am)

Go look at The Shire in Bend, OR. One of our support technicians just told me about them, they use our software to design their houses. I understand fans (heck, my wife's name is Lorien!), but this is a big undertaking. All I can say

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You KNOW You Want One Of These
Afternoon watch, 7 bells (3:43 pm)

Who wouldn't want a Self Destruct Button-themed USB hub??

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Godsent Cure, or Unholy Fusion?
Posted in Strangeness
Afternoon watch, 1 bell (12:48 pm)

Go read about Pepto-Bismol Ice Cream, it's a funny article. Let me know if you try it, though. I can count the number of times I've taken pepto on one hand and still have fingers left over, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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Smooth Assertion in Vista Beta2
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Forenoon watch, 8 bells (12:16 pm)

Well, I fired Vista Beta 2 back up just on a whim (to see if it started working all of a sudden), and (after a defrag ala VMWare) it started just fine! I then attempted to update the bundled Windows Defender, when I got an assertion failure that simply said:

Well that's slick, a string literal and a zero. Whisky tango foxtrot?

Nice, while I was just installing the VMWare tools, it BSOD'd on me. Time to shelf Vista again for a while...

Check out the error messages I got when I restarted. BSODs and easily-corrupted installations—it must be ready for release!

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The Camping Trip
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:36 am)

Well as far as things go, the camping trip didn't go that well. We got there late in the day, and—contrary to what we were told—there was no place on or near the trailhead to pitch our tents. I hiked down the trail about 2/3 of a mile before turning around (it was after 10pm) without finding any spot of level ground for a campsite. We slept in cars parked at the trailhead. I pitched my tent on the sloped ground next to one of the cars and spent an extremely uncomfortable night tossing and turning and sliding down to the bottom of my tent. I didn't sleep a wink.

The stars, on the other hand, were grand. What we could see of them between the mountains, anyway. You could see the Milky Way out there, unlike here in town. The temperature wasn't as hot as it was down here either. It wasn't cool, but it wasn't as hot.

I hoofed it up this extremely steep slope to reach GCGN2G, but never found it. The descent was quite dangerous, and I slid downhill about 10 feet once. Thankfully there was a lot of brush and stuff I could get hold of before sliding too far. Hit the cache at Thompson Pass, it was a granny cache but at least it was where it should have been.

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Super Mega Bug Spray
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Afternoon watch, 7 bells (3:42 pm)

I picked up some DEET bug spray, it's about 98% DEET (whatever that is). It's supposed to be a crazy-good bug repellant. A cow-orker of mine, Jason, just spent some time near where I'm going camping tonight and strongly recommended bug repellant. And I, not being one to "rough it" that bad, complied.

At least we don't have midges—I'd take any insect bite around here all day as opposed to a swarm of those bad-nasty bugs. I had the displeasure of be bitten by several in 2001 while I was in the Scottish Highlands. You don't know bug bite pain until you've been bitten by a midge.

Michael J Nelson Rides Again
First watch, 3 bells (9:51 pm)

MST3K was one of the best shows ever conceived by the human mind. It was a true gift of providence. Cue Mike Nelson's new project, RiffTrax—but where's Crow and Servo???

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Did You Know…
Posted in Tech
Forenoon watch, 6 bells (11:03 am)

That Google has a Linux version of Picasa?

PS They also have a Beta version of Google Earth for Linux!

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Camping—or Caching Opportunity?
Posted in Hobbies
First watch, 5 bells (10:44 pm)

This weekend I'm going camping near Revett Lake, by the Idaho/Montana border around N 47d 33.5m W 115d 45m. I checked on and sure enough, there are a couple of caches out there! Although the camping is with the Boy Scouts, I think I'll try to get a short hike up to one or more of the caches while I'm there.

PS Here's a picture of the area from Google Earth, Geocaches included.

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Book Shelves vs Bookshelves
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Afternoon watch, 4 bells (2:11 pm)

I'm going to have to do something like this:Book Shelves—if I can just get past the "destroying a real book" phase. Perhaps I'll find something boring enough...

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Bad vs. Good Mail, 10:1
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First dog watch, 3 bells (5:36 pm)

Actually, the ratio's even a little lower. We get 8.95% legitimate mail on our server. Today we blocked over 4,000 junk messages between bad recipients, the spam filters, virus filters, and delivery rate control.

These numbers really scare me—how much longer before it's only 5%? 2%? Even less??

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