Nice Day Off
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Forenoon watch, 5 bells (10:37 am)

Yesterday was a nice day to stay at home and get some things done. I got a bunch of stuff done with my "secret project" that I'm not posting publicly about right now. I was going to do some yard work, but it was rainy in the morning, and I woke up with a bad headache, which I still have today despite my best efforts at ibuprofening it to death.

Lorien comes back tomorrow, it'll be nice to have her back home. It's been nice and quiet at home, which I must admit I really enjoy, but I'll be glad she's home.

Oh yeah, I replaced the dead plecostomus so we'll have one. I also picked up about 20 guppies, which have either been eaten or sucked up by the filter (stupid fish). Oscar, the really big fish I have, is pretty agressive and likes to eat other fish. But there's this one smart goldfish that lives in the little southwestern-style house feature at the bottom of the tank. He only comes out really quick to eat and then rushes back in to hide from Oscar. The plecostomus has moved in with him, and you can't see him most of the time. I imagine the inside of the house has got tons of algae in it because the old pleco was too big to get inside.

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3D Catan Progress Report
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Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:11 am)

I've finished 3D tiles of the following terrain types: water, gold, desert, pasture, hills, forest, field, mountain, jungle, and volcano.

I've also created an interchangeable system for the special port hexes. I have a single prototype with different coin-shaped tokens that fit on it to specify which exchange rate and which commodity that port supports: wool, ore, brick, grain, lumber, and ? (for 3:1 trades). Each of the tokens have a 3D representation of its commodity. I also created a possible prototype of a city, but I'm not 100% happy with it, so I may modify it or make a new one.

When Lorien gets back in town (tomorrow night), I'll encourage her to get started on creating her terrain hexes so we can have a good assortment.

Still on the list to make are: settlements, cities (maybe), roads, ships, the robber, and the pirate. Also, I'm considering making victory point tokens and perhaps the building cost cards, the longest road and largest army cards, and maybe even a "Lord of Catan" medal for the winner.

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