ThermalTake’s Big Typhoon
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Afternoon watch, 7 bells (3:42 pm)

I installed two of ThermalTake's Big Typhoon CPU heat sink/fan kits today. Man, they're big:

ThermalTake's Big Typhoon, installed

You have to stick this foam layer on the back of the motherboard, then a mylar layer, then a steel reinforcement/support bar. Then you attach the heat sink/fan to the front with screws and these little tiny bolts that are nigh-impossible to get tight if you don't have a tool handy. I used a 7/32 socket without the wrench handle and turned it with my fingers and it worked pretty good.

After getting everything apart (I had to install them into existing systems, unfortunately), I worried that I wouldn't be able to get the assembled motherboard/heat sink combination back into the case. Both cases were mid-tower Antecs. The power supply is right above the top of the motherboard, and the Big Typhoon's heat pipes stick out past the motherboard, but there was enough room to get them in. When you first look at these suckers, you can't imagine how they'd even fit into any case, but they do. Just make sure you plug the secondary 2x2 molex power in before you put the motherboard back in the case, or you may have a difficult time getting it plugged in. I learned that lesson after the first installation.

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Dad’s Out
Morning watch, 8 bells (8:25 am)

I just talked to my dad, apparently he twisted his ankle last Friday and it out of commission for a while, I'm headed over to see him after work today.

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Morning watch, 5 bells (6:43 am)

I had to drive Lorien and her mom off to the airport yesterday morning, they were flying out to Texas to visit Lorien's sisters (Cammi is pregnant again!) and then from there they're headed to California. They'll be gone for ten days. It's gonna be a quiet house for the next few days.

Last night, out of nostalgia, I broke out an old game I haven't played in years—Dungeon Keeper 2. Like they say, It's good to be bad. My favorite feature is My Pet Dungeon where you have your imps dig out tunnels and rooms, build lairs, hatcheries, training rooms, libraries, prisons, torture chambers, temples, etc and monsters flock to your dungeon. Then you can trigger hero invasions to see how your minions deal with them. The best part about the game overall is: since most of your minions don't work very hard, you have to slap them to motivate them.

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