Why Didn’t They Just Pop It??
Afternoon watch, 7 bells (3:58 pm)

A balloon stops the transit system in Norway for 3 hours when it floated into a tunnel and shorted out a wire.

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Why I Hate Microsoft Exchange
Posted in Tech
Afternoon watch, 1 bell (12:45 pm)

I hate Microsoft Exchange. Any time you try to put too many things together to "make people's lives easier" you create problems for people like me. I love POP3 and SMTP. They're all we really need. Unfortunately, our support department needs to share calendars for training, and really wants to be able to share inboxes. These aren't normally how you would use email, but Microsoft, in their heads, believe they can improve everything. And it seems to work pretty good, until problems like this come around. I have a machine that somebody messed with and Outlook won't launch until it can synchronize with an Exchange server on the network, but it won't connect even though it can see the Exchange server. You can launch Outlook and use it with no problems under any other User Account on the machine. But I can't even change the settings because Outlook just shuts off because it won't connect to Exchange.

My only solution is to remove the user from the local system, then recreate the user and hope nothing's left over in the registry. This user doesn't even have an Exchange account, so I don't know how this got started in the first place.

So I hate Exchange because it borked up this Outlook user's settings so bad you can't even get into the program anymore.

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Safety Zone
Morning watch, 8 bells (8:23 am)

The only reason I'm at work today is that it's safe for me to be here. I feel miserable. Today's "accuweather" pollen forecast says "Moderate" but it's a load of crap. There is a ton of pollen out there. The safest place for me is in my secluded, air-conditioned office in the middle of the building away from all the outside doors. I've been on Rhinocort Aqua, a prescription nasal spray for several weeks now, and I take Clarinex as a supplemental anti-allergic reaction medication, but it's still not enough today. So far, this is the worst day of the year for my allergies.

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