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Last dog watch, 3 bells (7:38 pm)

I probably won't make this public for quite some time, I'll be keeping it private until our plans have either totally failed or have been completed, which will mean this Christmas. I had the idea, after seeing a few sites online, about building our very own Settlers of Catan 3D game set to give away as Christmas gifts to our family. I can even make the boxes in my woodshop to store all the tiles. But the first step is to inventory what's in a SOC game box. I've collected several of the expansions, so this inventory covers the standard Settlers of Catan box, the 5-6 player expansion box, Seafarers of Catan and its 5-6 player expansion box, as well as Das Buch. I may even add Cities and Knights of Catan if I can sneak it away from my inlaws without rousing suspicion.

Anyway, on with the inventory:

Each player (a total of 6) has:
4 Cities
5 Settlements
15 Roads
15 Ships
in their own color.

The Terrain Hexes (3 1/8 inches across) are as follows:
2 2:1 wool ports
1 2:1 ore port
1 2:1 brick port
1 2:1 grain port
1 2:1 lumber port
5 3:1 ? ports
32 water hexes
3 gold hexes
7 pasture hexes
7 hills hexes
7 forest hexes
7 fields hexes
7 mountains hexes
5 desert hexes
3 jungle hexes (from Das Buch)
3 volcano hexes (from Das Buch)

Hex Frames (from Seafarers):
4 CB, CB, GF, GF frames
2 AH, ED frames
2 HG, DC frames
2 BA, FE frames
4 large XX frames
2 small XX frames

Tokens, etc:
22 Victory points
7 3:1 ? port triangle markers
2 grain port triangle markers
1 lumber port triangle marker (am I short one??)
2 wool port triangle markers
2 brick port triangle markers
2 ore port triangle markers
4 #2 1-dot tokens (A, B, Zb, blank)
6 #3 2-dot tokens (D, E, L, Q, Za, blank)
6 #4 3-dot tokens (C, J, N, N, U, blank)—yes, two Ns!
6 #5 4-dot tokens (A, B, O, T, W, blank)
6 #6 5-dot tokens (C, D, K, P, Zc, blank)
6 #8 5-dot tokens (E, K, G, M, O, blank)
6 #9 4-dot tokens (F, G, M, V, X, blank)
6 #10 3-dot tokens (F, J, L, P, S, blank)
6 #11 2-dot tokens (H, I, I, Q, R, blank)—yes, two Is!
4 #12 1-dot tokens (H, R, Y, blank)

Supplemental Stuff:
6 Building Cost cards
1 Longest Road card
1 Largest Army card
2 six-sided dice
1 Robber
1 Pirate

Das Buch also includes:
Bag 1:
4 ship cards
5 building cost cards
3 island name tiles
9 ship tokens

Bag 2:
7 river tiles
5 pioneer tokens
5 fort tokens
1 Indian

Bag 3:
20 gold tokens
20 gem tokens
20 ore tokens
26 jungle/discovery tokens

Bag 4:
10 blue number chips
30 red tokens

Bag 5:
Treasure chest tokens:
6 victory points
8 robbers
8 gold
8 cards
18 dike cards
1 big victory point

Bag 6:
16 victory points
15 number chips

Bag 7:
28 desert raider tokens

Bag 8:
36 water towers
6 train tokens
1 locomotive victory card

Bag 9:
1 direction tile
100 storm tokens
1 wizard's castle tile

Bag 10:
2 storm tokens
1 wind tile
6 balloon tokens
1 dragon token

Bag 11:
10 discovery tokens
6 castle tokens
6 factory tokens

From this I can see we have a lot of work ahead of us

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It’s Always The Quiet Neighbors
Afternoon watch, 1 bell (12:41 pm)

...that fill their houses with 70,000 beer cans. You'd think there would be a point where one would realize one's habit was out of control. It is estimated that this Utard consumed 24 cans a day for 8 years to make such a big pile in his house. My question is this—where did he get the money? It sure wasn't from recycling old beer cans.

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Hippy Props
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Forenoon watch, 1 bell (8:43 am)

Props to the Hippies team for winning the Amazing Race last night. Lorien was so worried they weren't going to win, she was really rooting for them. I'm pretty happy with the outcome too.

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