Bad Juju
Posted in Tech
Afternoon watch, 8 bells (4:13 pm)

Today was filled with bad computer juju. I had some problems getting a new computer running, and it just kept getting worse. First, I had some bad RAM. If I put the RAM in the motherboard and tried to boot, no dice. Then, until I cleared the CMOS, I couldn't boot the motherboard at all. Once I figured that out, I thought I was on the home stretch. Then one of the hard drives in my RAID0 array went tango uniform—not the array—just one of the drives. So I backed off to a single drive model and got things up and running. I moved the computer to a new cubicle and the keyboard I had put there for the new employee's use was bad. Bad as in the computer didn't boot if the keyboard was plugged in. So I replaced it, and then the monitor wasn't working. I had to bring a flat panel loaner just to get the stupid thing started. I don't think I should be touching anything else very technical today...

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