Pirates: 10 Masted Junk
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Forenoon watch, 1 bell (8:36 am)

At SakuraCon last month I had the opportunity (eg. I lost so bad) to go up against the Baochuan—a 10-masted junk in Pirates of the South China Seas. It's a special edition you can only get at their conventions...except SakuraCon 🙁

Anyway, I came in last place, and towards the end there was an odd number of players, so I went up against Micca, the Wizkids rep that was in charge. He pulled out the Baochuan and I got slaughtered, but it was fun. I took some pictures and thought I'd post them here. In the second one, you can see how much bigger the Baochuan is than other ships in the game:


Baochuan Scale Image

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