Hour on the Phone
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Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:40 pm)

Today I spent an hour on the phone with Dell Technical Support trying to identify a problem in the brand new PowerEdge 850 server I got two days ago. There was a constant beeping coming from the system. Turns out one of the hard drives was making the noise—and it doesn't even have a speaker! It's a Maxtor, though, so I expect nothing more than garbage from them anyway.

My advice to anyone buying a new hard drive: don't buy Maxtor: they're cheap because they suck. This is at least the fourth Maxtor drive I've had the didn't survive past one week from the installation time. This one even had the manufacturing date of Jan 16, 2006, barely two weeks ago!

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  1. Kasey Dennler says:

    Only drives that I have ever seen have major problems are with maxtor, those drives truly do suck. I only use Wester Digital, Best drive for your money!

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