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Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:27 am)

Last night Lorien and I watched If Only, a movie she wanted to see, so we had TiVo pick it up. Well, it sucked. The story, basically, goes as follows:

Girl + Guy in relationship, guy doesn't put much into it. Guy has bad day, girl dies in car accident. Guy wakes up next morning and gets to relive the day. Guy realizes everything from the "day before" is still happening, just a little differently. He makes it up to her, and does everything right. Guy gets into car and dies instead of the girl. Girl goes on to be a famous singer. The end.

Now what kind of tripe is that?? Our first speculation as to the writers was that the chumps from either Cowboy Bebop or Wolf's Rain collaborated (see my earlier review of Wolf's Rain for details). But then again, everybody didn't die, so we figured it was someone else. Anyway, it totally sucked, so don't waste your time watching it. And Jeniffer Love Hewitt's face is so angular and doofy-looking you could use her chin as a wedge to split wood.

If Only they could have found better writers, it would have been a movie worth watching.

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