Capgras Syndrome
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Afternoon watch, 4 bells (2:12 pm)

My friend JA's LiveJournal has an interesting entry about Capgras Syndrome, which led me to think about cloning. Wouldn't it be great if it was legal?

Okay, yes, it would be good for organ growing, transplants, what have you, but I'm talking about the mainstream commercial applications, like you go over to the clone booth and insert some hair then get a clone of your (boss | parent | a random stranger) so you can beat the tar out of it when you're upset. I bet you could make a fortune doing that. And if it was illegal, just clone yourself and let it take the fall.


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  1. Wes says:

    jacob you are one of the strangest brothers i have, but all this stuff is hilarious.

  2. Webmonster says:

    Hehe, I forgot I even wrote this, I laughed when I read it... Too bad JA's journal went offline months ago, I don't remember what he wrote that sparked this train of thought.

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