The Guilt Trip
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Forenoon watch, 6 bells (11:18 am)

L and I were guilt-tripped into attending a class last night, taught by one of the neatest people I know (TS). He wanted to be sure we'd show up. I walked out of the class with some great information, and answers to things I've wondered about for years. It was great.

Afterwards, L kept going with the third book. We got about one and a half chapters in and her dad fell asleep in his chair, and I was on my way, my eyes were drooping, and although I love to listen to her read, I just had to call it a night. So I actually made it home before 12am last night.

One more thing, yesterday afternoon I took a long lunch and went and saw Peter Pan with L and her father. It was a funny movie. I think my favorite part was when the pirates clapped the teddy bear in irons. Funny stuff.

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