Another 10 pound mark
First watch, 3 bells (9:34 pm)

I passed another 10 pound mark on my weight loss history chart, I'm pretty excited about that. Especially considering how many cookies I ate last week. L's parents told the that Americans eat something like 370 pounds of cookies every year on the average. That's more than a pound a day, every day! I thought for sure with all those yummy oatmeal cookies I'd gained a bit. What a surprise to find I'd actually lost some.

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Another Sunday
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First watch, 3 bells (9:31 pm)

Well, today was pretty much like every other Sunday. Got a few things done at home, then went to Church. Saw L there, she arrived late, but dressed up in her 20's costume from last night. We're going to see Big Fish tomorrow night. I called Jodie and she said Andrew thought it was just about the best movie he'd ever seen, so I'm kind of excited about it.

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