Long day
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Forenoon watch, 2 bells (9:19 am)

Yesterday was a long day, I've got several projects that need to get done and am having computer trouble on top of that. Not my computer, but some new ones I'm building. I spent at least half the day yesterday trying to fix it. I was leaving at a few minutes past 5 and was so glad when L called, it really cheered me up. I had just walked out of the building and was on my way to my car when she called. I sat in my car and talked to her for a while, she's going to a party with her Uncle tomorrow, a big dress-up thing with a 20's theme. She's very excited about it, she and her Uncle have gone for the past several years. She got a dress and a whole set of accessories to go with it (she seems to be the type that never does anything half-way). I'm going to stop by and see her all "dolled up" as she put it, before she heads off with her Uncle. I even get to bring my camera and snap a picture or two. 🙂

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