An Unfinished Story
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First watch, 1 bell (8:48 pm)

I always thought I'd try to write, since I love to read so much. I tried to participate in the National Novel Writing Month last November, but failed to keep up with such a lofty goal without having any previous writing experience. I think I'll write some shorter stories over the next year, then maybe try NaNoWriMo again next November.

In any case, here's an excerpt from my untitled story:

Even as a small boy, Mahon Quinn had been curious. He drove his mother crazy with questions, always asking "Why does this work?" or "What causes that to happen?" In school, he excelled in all his studies, falling short only when it came to physical activities. It wasn't that he was in poor shape, on the contrary, he had always been quite healthy. He just never saw the point to physical competition. He told his classmates he didn't like sports. He told his teachers that humans have evolved beyond the "survival of the fittest", proving Darwin wrong since it seemed that every year more and more stupid people seem to be running around society like Mike the Headless Chicken. Enough brain to keep the body going, to maintain lower functions, but higher order thinking and reasoning seems to escape them. His teachers would smile at what they thought was his little joke, say some trifle like "Oh well, it's your choice, we can't make you enjoy it anyway", then turn away to make sure little Joey didn't try to swallow too many marbles.

Mahon discovered computers at a young age. He found he had a knack for using them. They were predictable. They were dependable. They produced consistent results. He had found his new best friend. His parents never worried that he spent too much time with his computers, he was a good kid and got his chores done. Teacher conferences always went well, which only served to enforce their belief that computers were good for him. His teachers always spewed praise like a broken fire hydrant in the summer heat. And his parents bathed in it like inner city kids with no air conditioning to return home to. They loved to hear how smart their little boy was. He was their only child. Of course he was perfect.

Here's the story of Mike the Headless Wonder Chicken, for your reference. My writing can be a bit obscure sometimes.

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Forenoon watch, 6 bells (11:10 am)

Well yesterday was pretty cold, and today isn't getting any warmer. It was -5F when I got to work this morning, now it's dropped to -7 (that's -21C for you foreign folks). The heat at our office building was offline over the weekend, and half the office is freezing. My office isn't too bad, since I'm the only one without a window to the outside. I guess today it pays off.

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