Last Night’s Fun
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Morning watch, 8 bells (8:20 am)

Last night, after training, I went with JTP and his wife to his mother's house to celebrate the New Year. They were just hanging out, playing cards, etc. JT brought his leftover 4th of July stash and we started lighting the artillery shells off in the street. Every time I thought we were done he'd say Oh, I've got more! and would run back and get another big box of stuff. We must have touched off 30 big rockets and artillery shells in front of his mom's house (very much to her dismay). I was a bit surprised the cops didn't catch us.

Until they showed up.

Apparently they got some "noise complaints", undoubtedly due to the very large explosives we were setting off in the middle of the street (boys will be boys, after all). The funny thing was, the cop that showed up was a guy JT played baseball with growing up, so they just chatted about old times and JT told him we were done and he just left. As JT said, It's not what you know, it's who you know.

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Back Into Training
Morning watch, 8 bells (8:15 am)

Last night was the first time back training (gungfu) for me with JTP. My legs and shoulders are so sore this morning I can't believe it. And for some reason, before training I played two and a half games of racquetball. Not going to do that again.

The great thing is that my kicks are much better than they used to be. I didn't gain any weight over the holidays, and right now I'm at my lowest weight since I came home sick from China at the end of 1997. I've put more muscle on in the past few months than I've ever had as well. With the changes in my body that have taken place over the past five months, even though I haven't been training, I'm able to stretch better, kick higher, and move more fluidly. I still get worn out after training though. 🙂

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