The Embarassing Mall Trip
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First dog watch, 3 bells (5:35 pm)

Well, where do I start this story? Todd and I went to see a movie (Paycheck, it was decent). After the movie, we thought we'd stop by and see Sam at his work since neither of us wanted to go home and sit and watch TV. So we get there and not 5 minutes later Jodie and Andrew show up with Wes in tow. Betsy was in the mall, shopping. They needed to get some clothes and shoes for Wes. So Todd and I ended up going around with them in the mall. (I think that was my mistake). Anyway, shopping gets done (that's an entire story in itself, but not for now) and Betsy remembers she needs pantyhose for the wedding so she has to go to Victoria's Secret.

Well, let me tell you, that's not a store for a bunch of guys to go to. We ended up going anyway, and Todd hosed me down with some perfume before I could get away from him (I told you it was wild). So I smelled this stuff the rest of the night, it was strong and all over me. Then we go out since they're getting ready to close the store.

Outside the store was a little kiosk selling hermit crabs and nice aquariums for them with pained homes, fancy rocks, etc. Todd asks the young-ish girl working there if they buy crabs. She said they sell crabs, so he replies But do you buy them, because (this is where he points at me) he has them. The poor girl didn't even see it coming. She just looked away and went back to work. Meanwhile, Todd is nearly rolling on the floor laughing, along with Andrew.

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