Spending Money
Afternoon watch, 8 bells (4:20 pm)

I've spent over $23,000 in the last 2 weeks here at work. It's nice to be in a fantasy world where I get to spend so much money. I just ordered parts for three sweet new systems, one is an Intel P4 3.2Ghz 800 FSB CPU with 2Mb of L3 cache, 2Gb DDR400 dual channel memory, 160Gb SATA/RAID0 hard drives, it is decked out. The other two machines will be 3Ghz with only 1Gb of dual channel memory. Only, heh.

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Christmas Gifts
Posted in General
Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:25 am)

Meredith, the company we've partnered with (they own the Better Homes and Gardens name), sent us a Christmas package at work. They sent Chocolates (mmm yummy) and racquetballs. I got 2 purple racquetballs, since I've always played with the blue ones. They profess to have a "Pressureless Titanium Core". I wonder how they get all that metal inside the ball...

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