Today’s workout
Last dog watch, 2 bells (7:28 pm)

Wow, MP and I had a great time today. We did our normal weightlifting, etc, then went to play racquetball. We worked out for almost 2 hours today. We played 3 games of racquetball (I won 2 of them)—some of the best games we'd ever played. They were intense, we fought tooth and nail for most of our points. I just got out of the shower and feel good. Still cooling off from all that exercise...

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Note From Sam
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Last dog watch, 2 bells (7:24 pm)

That last quote was for the shortest time period since I started this whole thing...

This quote is from Sam, a note he left for me (I just got home from work and found it)

Feel Okay—
Went to go
paint the town
brown with the
boys! I'm full
of fun drugs!


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Screen Saver
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Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:46 pm)

I have this really cool screensaver on my Linux box, it is a conglomeration of crash screens from other Operating Systems (Windows 3.1, NT, 2000, Mac, MacOS X, NCD X Terminal, BSD, Linux, Sparc Linux, Solaris, SCO, AmigaDOS, Atari). This afternoon I saw a kernel panic message:

panic: vogon starship detected
syncing disks: 0

I thought that was pretty amusing, amusing enough to be a quote of the unspecified time period anyway.

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Christmas Troll
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Forenoon watch, 8 bells (12:24 pm)

MP gets my vote for Christmas Troll. Today, he told the story of being snowed in at home with the need to go out to the store. Instead of attempting to drive his car over the berm that had been plowed up there at the bottom of his driveway, he opted to take his wife's car. The warning light was on for gas, but he ignored it and drove it to the store and back. Upon return, his wife questioned him as to whether he filled up the tank, to which he replied No. She then asked if he had seen that the light was on, to which he replied Yeah. Then she told him to go fill it up (good for her). He used some of the Christmas money he had for her to fill up on gas.

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Early Morning
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Morning watch, 8 bells (8:00 am)

Sammy got home at 5:30 this morning. I'm not sure what he's thinking, since he has to be at his appointment (for removal of the wisdom teeth) at 10:30am. Since I'm a light sleeper, I heard him when he came in. I couldn't tell what time it was, but by the time I rounded up a clock and saw the time, it was 5:30. I decided 'Since I'm up, I may as well get ready for work', so that's how I got in early today...

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