The End of the Line
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Morning watch, 7 bells (7:53 am)

Last night I went hunting for a new suit. I went to the typical Sears and JC Penney's, but they had nothing I liked, and what they did have didn't fit me very well. So I drove (with Sammy) to the Men's Warehouse in Spokane.

When I was 19 and shopping for a suit for my mission in Taiwan, Dad said I was "built like a gorilla". It was difficult to find a suit jacket that fit me. This time it was worse. My old suit jacket (yes, I still have it) definitely does not fit me anymore (the material is skin tight around my upper arms and shoulders).

I figured the best thing to do would be to head to a store that specialized in this type of thing, so thence I went.

The lady at the store measured my chest first, and said that limited our selection, then measured my shoulders. When she realized that her tape wouldn't fit around my shoulders she said "Okay then, what do you do for a living, carry bricks all day?". To which I replied, No, I have a desk job, I work on a computer.

So yeah, okay, maybe I have put on some muscle, but I've always had trouble fitting my shoulders into the normal suit coats. They did have several options for me though, and I found a suit I really liked. I also picked up a tie and two shirts, a black smock, plus a pair of suspenders to top it off. The tailoring will be done by 5pm tonight, just in time for the party. I'm still considering picking up new shoes as well. This way, I'll have something for Mom's wedding that looks nice, too.

Two years ago at a company Christmas party, they said it was Semi-formal attire. I figured that was slacks and a nice shirt, formal being suits and ties, etc. Boy was I wrong. Everyone was in suits, and some even had tuxedos. I felt really out of place. That will not happen tonight 🙂

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Morning watch, 7 bells (7:38 am)

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