Old friends
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Forenoon watch, 5 bells (10:50 am)

I just heard from Rob Cross! I've been looking for that guy for so many years and have had so little luck I had just about given up! We went to school together in Oregon, and I lost touch with him since I moved to Idaho when I was 16. It's so exciting to hear from people like that.

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New category: Hobbies!
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Forenoon watch, 5 bells (10:40 am)

Well, there are enough of them I suppose I can devote a category to them.

I did a lot of reading last night in Bookbinding for Book Artists, and learned quite a few neat tricks for binding. It has been a most excellent book on the subject, very helpful and detailed, with many illustrations and pictures. I'm confident in being able to do my first quarter bound leather book before the end of next week. I got the idea for my book press from it as well. It was very simple to make, and only cost me about $25.

This book I'm working on is on track for the nicest looking one I've made yet, and I've made a couple I was really proud of!

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Book Press
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Forenoon watch, 1 bell (8:55 am)

Well, I did it, I picked up a few items and made a book press last night. It's quite nice, actually. I should try to get a picture of it and put it up somewhere so you can see it.

It's only for smaller-sized books, but those are the type I typically make. I'll probably have to make a larger one sometime, though, for use when I do make a bigger book. Length and width-wise, that is. This press will do small books, but they can be up to about 4 1/2 inches thick. That's a pretty thick book!

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