New Category!
Forenoon watch, 2 bells (9:06 am)

This is so stupid I needed a new category for it.

Some chump patented using a laser pointer to exercise a cat:

1. A method of inducing aerobic exercise in an unrestrained cat comprising the steps of:

* (a) directing an intense coherent beam of invisible light produced by a hand-held laser apparatus to produce a bright highly-focused pattern of light at the intersection of the beam and an opaque surface, said pattern being of visual interest to a cat; and
* (b) selectively redirecting said beam out of the cat's immediate reach to induce said cat to run and chase said beam and pattern of light around an exercise area.

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More on the Darkroom
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First watch, 7 bells (11:31 pm)

I called the guy in Portland that is selling his darkroom setup, he's holding on to it for me for sure. I'm excited. Now I have to figure out a design for it downstairs and build the room. I need to drywall down there anyway...

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Time for a new quote
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Last dog watch, 8 bells (8:03 pm)

The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.
George Carlin

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The New Look!
Last dog watch, 3 bells (7:31 pm)

Hey everyone! Look! A new toy!

I figured I'd try an upgrade to a new blog program, this is WordPress. Like it?

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New Whistle
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First dog watch, 4 bells (6:04 pm)

I got a new whistle today, from Shanna Quay in Co. Limerick, Ireland. It's an O'Briain Improved Nickel D whistle. Yes, O'Briain. I thought that spelling was weird, too. It has a beautiful, silky tone that I have come to expect from nickel whistles—I really like that sound. It's air requirements are quite low, also, as I often overblow my notes.

I also got a free CD of Karl Nesbitt, only 4 tunes, but they sound great. Flute/guitar music, mostly.

Despite being shipped all the way from the Emerald Isle, everything was perfectly intact and arrived much faster than I expected it to.

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MP and me
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:54 am)

MP and I played 4 games yesterday - I beat him for 3 of those games. He won the last one because I made too many mistakes. I wanted to completely shut him out and win all 4, but that's not the way it happened. Oh well.

After losing those 4 pounds in 2 days last week, they came right back. I think I'm going to be at this weight for a while. I keep losing size, but putting on muscle, so I guess I can't complain. I just have to stop measuring my progress by the scale like I used to.

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Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:50 am)

I really had a case of the Mondays. Probably why I didn't write anything. It was a very busy day from the moment I got in to work, until the moment I clocked out to go play racquetball.

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Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:46 am)

Ah yes, Sunday. Not much went on either. Saw some people I hadn't seen for quite a while at the branch. Had a nice time at church, went home and finished some laundry.

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Last Saturday
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Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:44 am)

I did nothing, and it was everything I thought it would be. Actually I did do a few things, but they were normal around-the-house things that are boring to write about, laundry, dishes, etc. Nothing much going on.

I bought some books at the local Borders, including the new book by William Gibson (a great forward-thinking sci-fi author who is quite famous for his book Neuromancer).

Dad got back from Los Angeles, where he was helping out Steve and Veronica. He brought me several new root beers for my collection, which is now quite respectable. I'll have to devote a page to it. I need some pictures of the bottles, though.

Also went to Jared and Tess's, replaced their computer's floppy drive, it wasn't working. I hate going there, because they (and their friends) all smoke--even inside the house. I always come home smelling really bad, even when I'm only there for 15 minutes or so. I love them as family, but I hate having to strip my clothes off and wash them everytime I stop by for a visit...

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Long time no write
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Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:43 am)

Oops, it's been a while since I wrote about anything... Let me catch up.

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Oh yeah
Forenoon watch, 6 bells (11:13 am)

The tournament game with AM the other day was as I thought it would be, I won hands down 3 games in a row. The last one I won 15-2.

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Forenoon watch, 6 bells (11:12 am)

Well, looks like I'm going to have a new project on my hands, building a darkroom. It's going to be a good winter project.

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Last dog watch, 1 bell (6:53 pm)

Today they started digging the foundation for a house in the lot next to mine. I met the guy that is doing the contracting, he seems pretty cool. I'm glad that empty lot is finally getting something on it.

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Happy Birthday, Tequisha
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Afternoon watch, 6 bells (3:22 pm)

I doubt she ever visits my page, but just in case, Happy Birthday, TW!

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The New Category
Afternoon watch, 6 bells (3:21 pm)

I finally put this in its own category.

I play AM for the tournament today, I'm gonna beat him like a redheaded stepchild. MP beat him when he played AM, so I'll take him easy unless I'm having a really off day. But today I'm not lifting weights first, so it should be much easier, I won't be tired to start.

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