Tomorrow’s trip and some thoughts
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Forenoon watch, 6 bells (11:28 am)

I'm heading out tomorrow to pick up LT at the Seattle airport. It'll be a long drive, but at least we'll have more time to chat than last year. I don't think M(L)P is too fond of what I'm doing though, and sent me packing on a day-long guilt trip while I considered what she said. When you're friends with someone, you don't ask for returns or reimbursements on favors or things you do out of friendship, unless of course you are in need yourself. Friendship is about giving up a little bit of yourself, or your time. Yes, it's about receiving too, but what is given to you must be out of friendship, and not of a sense of duty or a feeling of debt. I try not to ask anything of any friends, but will accept whatever of themselves they are comfortable with giving up. Yes, often I do give more than I recieve, but if that doesn't bother me, why should it bother someone else? I'll be the judge of when my friendship is being taken advantage of. Sometimes it seems we've lost track of what is good and right. Is it so bad to sacrifice a little time and money for someone you've been friends with for almost a decade? M(L)P had some good points, and I know she's trying to help, but sometimes I wonder if she really understands who I am and where I come from..

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