A few things about stuff I don’t like
Forenoon watch, 6 bells (11:15 am)

First off, I subscribe to several mailing lists. I understand that not everyone is grammar-conscious, or even good at spelling. But mixing up then and than?? Come on, we're not in grade school. I stop reading posts when I run across more than 2 errors like this. If you can't organize and write your thoughts in an intelligent, intelligible way, don't expect me to read them.

For the other side of the illiterate balancing beam, there are those that can't read - and complain about something they are ignorant of because they failed to read what they were given. This is a work-related frustration. I understand our customers aren't always the brightest light bulbs you can buy, but I do expect them to be literate to operate a computer and interact with other people with it...

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