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First dog watch, 3 bells (5:45 pm)

Well, yesterday morning at work GW asked me if I had much going on, and that he had a top priority project for me - build a new server by the end of the day. I put together a purchase order and drove to Spokane to buy the parts I needed. Got back around 2pm and started putting it together. It's a P4 2.6c 800 FSB CPU on an ASUS motherboard (Intel 875 chipset) with onboard gigabit LAN and RAID-1 SerialATA (Promise 378 controller) using two 250Gb 8Mb cache SATA drives. Also has 1Gb DDR433 SDRAM in a dual-channel array.

This is the first SATA RAID1 machine I've put together, though I've done 4 RAID0 ones and they all scream. I had to go back to work again today after staying late last night trying to get everything installed (Windows 2003 Server). Also had to copy about 30Gb of data (source code and Perforce files) over the network to get it going. Not to mention installing the Backup software, etc. It was a lot of work, and I'm tired.

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