I wonder
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First watch, 4 bells (10:16 pm)

I wonder what DW is doing these days...

I sent a birthday card last year and never got a response, although it didn't come back, either.

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No game today
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First watch, 4 bells (10:14 pm)

Well I didn't get to play racquetball today. I was working late with TW (writing SQL queries) and everyone else left. And TW doesn't play. She and NR originally were thinking about it, and HG too. Those 3 were the only women that were going to play in our tournament. But they all either never signed up or quit before they got started. I think they were afraid of having to play us tough guys. Yeah, tough like bread dough. 🙂

Yesterday after the game with JP, SH was leaving as we were heading out to our cars, and he was talking smack to JP (JP did start the trash-talking though). It was funny, SH was looking around and under JP's car, trying to help him "find his game" because "he obviously lost it". SH is very good, and will probably win the tournament barring some nasty injury. Which may be coworker-inflicted if the trash-talking escalates 🙂

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Travel plans
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Forenoon watch, 8 bells (12:02 pm)

I'm getting a better idea of when I want to go to Ireland next year - early March. I'm tentatively planning to leave around the 3rd and be there for 16 days, so I'll spend my birthday and St. Patrick's Day both in Ireland. I can arrange to stay in Bed & Breakfast's for the duration of the trip and rent a car with insurance and taxes for about $1200. That just leaves the airfare to take care of (about $700). So for under $2k I can take a nice long vacation...

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